Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love Clothes Pins!!

Yep I LOVE Clothes Pins!  They are the best Invention ever!  I don't have a clothes line anymore, but they are for so much more.  I was sad when our DSP that had the musical notes on it retired, but I saved mine and Covered Clothes pins.  I did them for my oldest Son, Dustin that is a Singer, Song Writer, Producers in Nashville TN and He has a new Studio.  This was my gift to him.  YEP  Clothes pins.  I'll have to take pics of what he did with me and You'll be surprised and want to get out your DSP and cover you some.  
 This is how I "Gifted" them to him and he thought I had purchased them somewhere.  I said NOPE " I made them.  It's hard to impress him, but I think I did.. Or at least he made me feel like I did.  Any way.. While at Convention Mary Ellen showed how to use these with our sponges!  I was thrilled for another use for them.

I used our tombo glue Measured the clothes pin.  (There are different lengths)  who knew.  Cut the card stock just a smig larger and applied the DSP to the pin with the glue on it.  Then after it dried, I used my sanding block to smooth off the edges and then sponged some Crumb Cake over them to make them look old.  I couldn't stop!  I bought a pack of 40 and did them all!
Have some fun today!   Just for fun.. Google Clothes pins and see ALL the uses for them!

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