Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creped Filter Paper Flowers

This was so much fun I had to share it with YOU
 Have you noticed the Creped Filter Paper that is in the Spring catalog?  You get a total of 12 sheets 4 rectangles (each 6:x12) and 8 circles 6" in diam.  The look of tissue paper with the strength of card stock!  It's a bargain!  $2.95!  Last night I decided to try a flower made like you'd make a pom pom.

 This is the paper, I felt I needed to tell you that, cause It looks like "Nothing"
 I according folded the rectangles (all 4 sheets)  and used our white baker's twine to tie in the center  another bargain! 25 yards for $2.95
 This one I did not round the corners, but in the bottom pic I did round the edges and it looks better and more scalloped.  I started gently separating the 4 layers 
 then did the other side.
 Really fun!!
 then I sort of shaped it with my hands, even though it didnt' seem to need it but I couldn't help touching it!
The one on your right is the one that I rounded the edges before I "fluffed" it up, the one on the left is just as it was.  Both pretty, but in making more in the future, I will round the edges.  I just used scissors to do that.  NOW to step them up, You can stamp color and images on the sheets before you fold it and get Pretty colored flowers.  Order your supplies and get to making some fun flowers. 
Thanks for Crafting with me today!