Friday, May 31, 2013

Grab your Greetings at 25% off!!

Today May 31st Launches the NEW SU Catalog!  I've been so excited!  I've had over a month to view it and try to absorb all the new goodies!  Soooo THis morning I get up and get to my computer, (after I've had my first cup of coffee on the porch with my MAN) to see what all SU has posted new about the catalog (Sort of like Santa comes in Cyber Space)
and WOW a 25% off sale right away!!
Grab your Greetings!
I'll post some images later as of right now the "Santas at SU" are getting the web site together to actually launch 12 noon MT
Hang tight and if you already have your catalog you can look these up!!

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