Saturday, December 31, 2011

All Cleaned up for the NEW YEAR

 I spent the last two days!  Yes Days getting my craft room all organized.  I wanted to see just what all I  Ribbon's all in order, I have a BAD habit of just throwing them back in there when I'm done.  New Year "to do" Put them back!
 I think I know where everything is.  There are a few cabinets and drawers I want to clean out but for now I'm ready for the new year!
 My Station!  This is where it all goes down!  This is on wheels so it is easy to move around
 Wish I'd taked that tacky stool out of the way.. It was in there cause I needed to get up high to clean... Also left my cleaning stuff out.. Oh well
 This is where everything goes!

So New Year,  Note to self... Put things back when I'm done using them! 

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