Saturday, October 1, 2011

Free Big Shot when you Join Stampin' Up

I was thrilled when I woke up this morning and found out that when YOU join Stampin' Up! in the month of October you will get a FREE Big SHOT!  Now that's a Deal!  If you already have one, then YOU get an additional $100 in Free Product!  MAN!
If you've been looking for an opportunity to do what you love, while getting a 20 discount on your favorite products, now is the perfect time! During October, you'll get a FREE Big Shot when you join the Stampin' Up! family as a demonstrator.* It's just too much fun!  Here are some Questions and Answers about Joining Stamping UP!

Everything you wanted to know about being a Stampin Up! Demonstrator
Being a demonstrator looks like fun, but what do I have to do?    You sign up with another demonstrate (me, I hope!)  Who will be your mentor and partner as you get started?  You pick out your starter kit goodies, including stamp sets, Ink Pads, etc, and you send in those two forms with a credit card number to cover the starter Kit. That’s It!
v How many workshops am I required to do as a demonstrator?  There is no requirement that you do a certain number of workshops, attend group meetings, etc.  Your only requirement as a demonstrator is that you submit $300 in Merchandise orders each quarter.  You get to decide how much you want to work.
v That doesn’t seem too hard.  Can those be my own orders and my friends’ orders, or do they have to come from workshops?  Your orders can come from anyone.  Stampin’ Up! has demonstrators who do this full-time, part-time or playtime.  It is entirely up to you.
v How much do I make from each workshop?  When you send in an order, you keep 20% of the merchandise total (not the tax or shipping) as instant income.
v But can you actually make money doing this?  The average workshop is $325, so the average earnings per workshop would be $65.  I bet you can think of some fun things to do with the extra income!  And there are demonstrators who earn six figure incomes doing this full-time.  Of course, that doesn’t happen instantly.  But If you want to build a business, I will support you in that process-and Stampin’ Up! has lots of great tools to help you develop your business skills.
v Do I get free stamps or other benefits?  You bet!  If you place orders for Stamp sets, paper, etc that you use yourself or at a workshop, you can place it as a hostess order and get the same benefits as your hostesses.  That means that you can earn the free hostess stamps, plus 10% in free merchandise plus your 20% instant income.  And there are lots of special promotions from Stampin’Up! where you can earn free stamps as well as other great goodies.
v What kind of great goodies?  There are also terrific benefits for demonstrators who are working towards business goals.  One is great rewards, where you can earn prizes based on your total quarterly sales.  There is an online prize catalog what includes everything from Stampin’ Up! merchandise, to logo clothing, to electronics and other personal items.  The other great motivator is the annual all expense-paid demonstrator CRUISE-past destinations have been to Alaska, the Caribbean and Mexico. 
v Sounds great, but what if I don’t make my minimum order?  Do I get some kind of call or penalty?  No penalty at all.  You do not have to meet the minimum until the end of your first full quarter as a demonstrator.  So if you signed up in October, you would need to place a minimum order before the end of March.  And you even get and extra month to get current if you miss the end of quarter deadline.  Pretty easy, Huh?
v Do I have to recruit other demonstrators?  I just want to stamp.  Building a strong demonstrator organization is a key part of the stampin’ Up! business model, and important if you are trying to build your own business.  However, it is up to you how much emphasis you put on personal sales and how much on recruiting.  There are demonstrators who joined just to improve their personal stamping Sills and the company supports you whatever your goals are.
v So if I wanted to quit, I could just not order?  Life is full of changes, so if you decide that this isn’t the best time for you to be a demonstrator, you can either formally resign, or just quit ordering and let your demonstrator status lapse.   Demonstrators sometime go from an active business to one that is limited to order for friend and family, and then back to growing their business.  Your personal like comes first and your business can change to accommodate that.
v What if I wanted to start up again?  You would have to repurchase the starter kit and sign a new demonstrator agreement.  That’s it.
v Sounds easy.  But if I sign up, I’m not sure how to get started.  What kind of help can I get? There are lots of sources of help for your When you sign up through me, I will help you determine your own goals for your business and suggest options for getting started.  I will also get you in touch with other demonstrators to find out what has worked for them
o   I also try to get together with everyone who signed up through me so we can do stamping discuss what works for each of us and just socialize.  One of the best things about stampin’ Up! is the FRIENDS you make!
o   Stampin’ Up! provides training through their Stampin’ Success monthly magazine, their website and a six month series of newsletter designed specifically for new demonstrators.

v I’m not really creative.  Don’t demonstrators have to be expert stampers and come up with tons of new ideas?   Actually, what demonstrators really need to be good at is encouraging others who think they are not creative to give stamping a try.  Inspiration is everywhere with Stampin’ Up!  but two special places are the Stampers’ Showcase online and the monthly magazine, Stampin’ Success.  You will love seeing the ideas and turning them into fabulous projects.  There are also demonstrator’s swaps that give you lots of samples and ideas as well.  You want to keep your workshop projects simple and easy for your customers to reproduce.
v OK, I think I’m ready to join, how long do I have to wait to get my Starter kit?  Now that you are sounding like a demonstrator! It usually take 8 working days for the time you enter in your paperwork to Stamping’ Up!.  Go to my Website, and click on the Join the fun> Join now

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