Friday, September 16, 2011

Day Three Founder's

 Shelli (CoFounder and CEO of Stampin' Up) and Me at Kanab facility.  She has an amazing apartment upstairs that is fully furnished for her, her family and others that need a place to stay when coming to visit the Manufacturing facility.
I have been blessed to have taken the tour before but this one is the best yet.  One thing is to see how happy the employees are to work for such a great company.  Other is that from year to year see the growth.  Which in this day and time that is not usually the case.

 We were taken to the park for lunch.  This park was redesigned by donations from Stampin Up!.  It is a beautiful park with the mountian in the background.  We were served lunch in these CUTE baskets.. A yummy assortment of fresh veggies and fruit, along with potatoe salad and a turkey sandwich.. I'm talking like the turkey that make those great after thanksgiving sandwich kind of turkey. 

 On the spot Creme Brulee' served along with other yummy deserts, like keylime pie, cheese cake and Chocolate.  It was one high class Picnic
 Tags were handstamped (of course)

 A beautiful day, mid 80's and sunshine
 Part of the park

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