Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day one at Founders 2011

 As we entered the Gathering place this was what caught my eye first...Yep Cupcakes.. Notice the "today's " special.. Wonder what tomorrow's special will be?
 These are the girls that made it all happen  Cut fun apron's
 Several different varieties of pillows thrown around on the furniture and all made with SU's new fabric!  AHHHMazing!
 Me at Dinner holding my antique tea cup with saucer filled with Three fresh Roses
 This food was better than we have ever had on the Cruises so you know it was delish!  Steak wrapped in bacon topped with something yummy, Mashed potatoes and gravy, Steamed veggies and a slice of watermellon.
 Then topped it all off with Cheese cake... and it was banana cheese cake with carmeral I couldn't eat it all I should have brought it back to my room cause about NOW is when I really have room for it.  Oh well.. I KNOW there will be more fabulous goodies tomorrow!
Back in the room, on my bed was this box, this is one of the small boxes for Big Shot Dies.  Inside the box is to be announced later... I have to keep it a secret for now, but 
YOU know I will be sharing.

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