Sunday, May 17, 2009

Top 10 Stamp Sets

Have you ever wondered what the top 10 Stamp Sets or should I say the "Go to Stamp sets" We'll here is a List....How many of them do you have? I have 9 of them! This is "VERY" scientific ,hehe Really now.. it is based on number of post of these sets on websites... WOW Who has the time to do this? Interesting though, I'd love for you to post YOUR favorite Top 5 Stamp Sets! use the Comments area below for other to view.

1. Lovely As A Tree
2. Baroque Motifs
3. Loads of Love
4. Wild About You
5. Simply Said
6. Embrace Life
7. Doodle This
8. Priceless
9. Always
10. Sincere Salutations

1 comment:

Cassie said...

I have six of these. Who knew! Currently my favorites are (not all are current)...
1. Organic Outlines
2. Priceless
3. Unfroggetable
4. Whimsical Alphabet Lower
5. Simply Said

Great Friend is very near the top of the list, too. Wish it wasn't going out with the mini...