Monday, February 9, 2009

15% off

Warning: Long winded post ahead!
But well worth the read!

I get asked this question all the time “What comes in the Stampin’ Up Starter kit?” The next question is “Ok, so what’s the catch?” or “what do I have to do to stay active?”

With Stampin’ Up having their Starter Kits on sale 15% off starting Feb 1st AND an additional stamp set free (47.95 value!), now is a good time to answer those questions for anyone who is wondering what the real scoop is. No sugarcoating- just the facts, ma’am!

What comes in the Kit? The Starter kit contains $335 worth of products for 199.00 - and now you can take 15% off to make it $169.

- You choose 5 stamp sets, this price or lower: 21.95, 30.95, 27.95, 35.95, and a bonus 47.95 (until March 31).

- One regular wheel 6.50

- A handle for your wheel

- Choose your ink cartridge color for wheel

- Full box of pastels (49 colors)

- 2 packs of assorted cardstock (choose your color group) 72 sheets total

- Pack of white or vanilla cardstock - 40 sheets

- Snail adhesive (refillable)

- Choose a 20.95 Décor Element (vinyl)

- Stampin’ Scrub and mist cleaner (a must for any stamper!)

- Versamark pad (clear ink used for watermarks or embossing)

- 3 Blender Pens

- 5 classic ink pads, your choice of color

- Tons of business supplies like a box of 8 catalogs, mini catalogs, our Demonstrator magazine and order forms.

What is the catch? Other than a totally addictive hobby, it’s pretty easy. I’ve had more trouble and headaches trying to switch cell phone plans. That took 3 hours. Signing up to be a demonstrator? 20 minutes. Online. And you get your password to go onto the Demonstrator Only Website right away while you wait for your kit to arrive in a week to 10 days. What if I decide to not place any orders and just enjoy my kit? Stampin ‘Up will just drop you after your quarter is up. No penalties, nothing to give back, no note sent home to your parents.

How much do I have to order to stay active? $300 retail. This Stampin’ Up quarter runs Jan, Feb, March. So if you sign up Feb 1st, you would get your first quarter free of minimums. Apr-may-June is the next quarter so you would have to your $300 in orders by the end of June. It can be ALL at once, or in smaller orders. With just your own orders or friends adding to it. You can be your own hostess, so with your 20% off as a demonstrator, the 300 goes down to 240.00 but then add back in 10% shipping and then tax. If you are 6.25% tax like me, then it comes out to around 285.00. BUT as your own hostess, you can get a free hostess set and 25.00 free merch. So it pays off if you are looking for a discount and you are going to spending that much on stamp stuff anyway.

Bonus: This is why some people sign up if they have a huge wish list or want something big like the BIG SHOT: You get 30% (instead of 20%) off your first order over 150.00 if you place it within 45 days of signing up. Be your own hostess + get a big discount = no brainer.

How do I know who to sign up with? Me I hope.. I'm fortunate enough to be associated with a bunch of FUN girls that LOVE stamping! You will fit right in.
You will need a passcode to sign up on line through the SU website.
my pass word is beweee5

Do I have to have classes or workshops?

Some demonstrators do it as a career and support themselves full time with it. It’s a lot of work but it can be done. More than half of the demonstrators in my group do it just for the discount or hobby. There is no requirement to host or teach any classes. Now if you want help with putting in the orders, we call those Bread and Butter customers. Those are the friends or family that you can stamp with each month or every other month so they can order a few things from you. Every little bit helps! And if you are like me, one day you may need extra money and that’s how I started doing it more as a business. When times get tough, sell stamps!

What is in the Demonstrator Only Website?

Gee whiz, there is so much in there that I couldn’t list it all. 5 years of back issues of our Stampin’ Success magazines (which arrive in our mail monthly), projects, templates, articles, some videos, Stamper’s Showcase (3-4 samples uploaded daily from demonstrators who submitted their samples) and Workshop Wizard, which has more projects.

Some people sign up just for the preorders. Maybe this has happened to you: You are on a website and see this awesomely cute card and say “I want that set!” but it’s not available for another month and then you get mad because the demonstrators already have it and are using it? Then you should be a demonstrator and get the upcoming mini catalogs or promotional stuff before anyone else!

Congrats on making it through my longest post ever!

If you have more questions, feel free to call or email me anytime.

Jan Burnett

Metropolis, IL (home of SUPERMAN)....and SUPERJAN..

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